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The foundation mare Nafa'a

Photo Courtesy of Prince HGlory Nabil Daoud Abdelmoneim Hilmi Bey

     Blue Pyramid Egyptian Arabians is a small breeding program dedicated to the conservation of the very rare strain of horses listed as Kuhaylan with no sub-strains. Following mtDNA testing, it was discovered that the Blue Pyramid Nafa'a line is not only pure Arabian blood, but traces in all lines to the Arabian desert and is an original Saudi bloodline. It was also determined that, to this point in time, the line is absolutely unique in that it is not related to any other bloodline of Arabian horses. The Blue Pyramid Egyptian Arabian horses trace through the dam line to the mare Nafa'a, bred by Abdul Aziz Ibn al Sa’ud. The line was incorporated into the Inshass stud when received by King Farouk as a gift from the Sa'ud family and has bred on pure with no admixture.


As to the notion that preservation breeding is not compatible with selection for improvement or with breeding "quality horses," I think there are two separate ideas here: we want to improve our individual animals, in the sense of breeding to combine more of the best features of our kind of horse in each individual. What we do not subscribe to is the conventional notion that one can "improve the breed," which seems to mean, in practice, "make it look more like some other breed." Most of us are breeding within specific pedigree limits precisely because in our experience they turn out specific kinds of good Arabian horses.  Michael Bowling

I reversed the image of Nafa'a to illustrate the similarities between her and her descendant Shahna, 67 years through the generations. I have been infusing more of the blood of Nafa'a hoping to get back to the original desert standard. Looks like I am getting close. . . except Shahna is even better.


This site was developed as an educational tool and a way to share my research with people whose love for horses has sent them on an Internet quest for more information. I maintain the site in the hope that the horses will not be lost in obscurity, but will remain true to their origins. My goal is to concentrate the Nafa'a blood and breed for the desert-type in the form so loved when they were first introduced to the world.

Please explore the links on the Ancestors page and see picture pedigrees of the horses whose blood combined to create the mares at Blue Pyramid Egyptians. Take a trip through time and see where it all began by stepping through the Equine Evolution link. Sit back and open an eclectic collection of articles, some written by me and others included with the permission of the authors. Thanks for joining me, make yourself at home. I hope you will find something of interest and want to come back from time-to-time.

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